On Sunday, August 17th, the commenting function will be closed and no further material will be accepted for posting. Let’s listen to concluding remarks by Véronique Basile Hébert.

Kwei Kwei kaskina
Miro pecakw ota mamotowin Tapickotc / Masinahikan !​ Ni micta mireten eki tapickotc otemirowak. ​Miro paica nete kinokepitcikanik !

​​Bonjour à tous!​ Bienvenue au symposium Partition | Ensemble. Je suis très heureuse d’avoir collaboré avec l’équipe de travail. Bon voyage sur le site internet !​​

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Partition | Ensemble Theatre Symposium. I am very happy to have collaborated with the team organizing this conference. Have a nice trip on the website!

Peronik Hébert Basile

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