Conference Accessibility

The organizers of the Partition relaxed online conference are committed to creating an online experience that is accessible as possible for all attendees.

We want to recognize this was a conference originally meant to be in-person in Montreal, Québec and switched to an online format two months ago. This online experience is still a work in progress and an experimental approach.

We are working across 4 languages: French, English, American Sign Language (ASL), and la langue des signes québécoise (LSQ).

We are inviting people to experience and contribute to the conference in ways that are at their own timing and energy levels. Respect your body and its needs as you move through each event.

We recognize there are still things that are inaccessible or less accessible to different communities and individuals. We will be transparent about these inaccessible points. We also welcome feedback on anything we have not acknowledged or considered.

We would like to recognize the work of disability community consultant, Paul Tshuma, for his work with us on the website.

Language Accessibility

Our website is available in French and English.

We have outlined what languages and formats each event is available in. For example, spoken French, English transcript, and LSQ.

We want to recognize that our online conference is only partially available in LSQ and ASL, and not all panels will have English and French translation.

Due to translation processes, some events will be posted throughout the week and/or after August 8th. We will upload them as they become available.

Keynotes and Plenaries

Keynote 1: Émilie Monnet

Live Keynote on Zoom; spoken in French with LSQ live interpretation.

Recording will be translated into an English text, and English audio description.

Keynote 2: Julie Sermon

Pre-recorded keynote on Zoom; spoken in French with LSQ interpretation.

Recording will be translated into an English text, and English audio description.

Plenary 1: The Score in the Creative Process: Interviews with L’Orchestre d’hommes-orchestres (Québec City), The Bakery (Montréal), and Dana Michel (Montréal)

Split into two conversation: 

Conversation spoken English; pre-recorded on Zoom in English; ASL-interpretation; Audio-visual description; French transcript. 

Conversation spoken in French; pre-recorded on Zoom in French; LSQ-interpretation; Audio-visual description; English transcript. 

Plenary 2: Signed Music

Pre-recorded Zoom video; signed in mixture of ASL and LSQ; ASL-LSQ interpretation; French and English transcript.


Live Digital Performance by Anand Rajaram and Digital Pedagogies Workshop

-Zoom spoken in English workshop; some adhoc French translation will be available–this means, French speakers are welcome and members of the presentation team will assist with French translation as it emerges.

Playwright Book Excerpt Readings:

-YouTube video: Bilil Baid and Qasim Khan read from Acha Bacha: English-spoken video; English subtitles.

-YouTube video: Matthew MacKenzie reads from Bears: English-spoken video; English subtitles.

-YouTube video: Pascal Brullemans and Alexis Diamond read from Amaryllis and Little Witch: English and French-spoken video; French and English subtitles.

-YouTube video: Natalie Meisner and Makambe K. Simamba read from Speed Dating for Sperm Donors: English-spoken video; English subtitles.

CATR Emerging Scholar Survey

-Google online form in English text.

Come to One Mind: Consensus Making on Kanien’kehá:ka Territory

-Zoom; Spoken in English; movement-based.

Race and Performance in the US-Canada borderlands

-YouTube video; English-spoken video; English subtitles available in YouTube subtitles/closed captioning plug in (slightly delayed from the speed of the speaker). 

Book launch for Art and Tradition in a Time of Uprisings by Gabriel Levine

-YouTube video; English-spoken video.


-French text website

Zoom launch for Theatre Research in Canada issue 41.1: Race and Performance in the. US-Canada Borderlands

Information coming soon.


Ecology and Scenography: Expanded Possibilities

-YouTube video: Ecology and Scenography: Expanded Possibilities Panel- spoken in English.

-YouTube video: Winslow : L’histoire d’une écoscénographie – Noémie Avidar- Spoken in French. 

-additional texts- English text.

Intimacy of Training / L’intimité de la formation

-PDF of Powerpoint-Sebastian Samur, “Rhythmic Partitioning in the Works of Dairakudakan and Mime Omnibus”- English text

-YouTube video of slides: Margaux Lecolier, « Cœur à Corps. Trajectoires intimes de personnages féminins : l’amour entre rêve, action et transgression »- Slides in French text; Spoken in French.

-YouTube Video: Cœur à Corps. Trajectoires intimes de personnages féminins 2/2– Black and white movement; no spoken language.

-Souncloud files- Voix – Poèmes Coeur À Corps – Margaux Lecolier– Sound; Spoken in French.

-PDF of Powerpoint – Coeur À Corps- French text.

-PDF paper-Sarah Robbins, “#Activism and the Academy: #MeToo stories of theatre school student bodies”- English text. 

Interdisciplinary Partitions / Partitions interdisciplinaires

-YouTube video- Plasticien et dramaturg visuel- Pierre Przysiezniak- Spoken in French; French transcript.

-PDF paper- Sylvi Belleau, « La partition comme matériau mémoriel dans la dramaturgie hybride de la pièce »- French text.

-YouTube video- The Administrative Animacy of Human Identity in Vivienne Franzmann’s Bodies- Caitlin Gowans- Spoken in English; English PDF. 

-Vimeo video- Video of rehearsal, Luis Sotelo Castro- Video of rehearsal in spoken-English. 

Narration & Corp(u)s / Narration & corp(u)s

-YouTube video: Telling Stories in Order to Live, Esther Maloney-  Spoken in English; English text slideshow; English subtitles.

-Vimeo privated video: Carole Nadeau, « Le dispositif scénique, contexte et corps-texte »- Spoken in French.

-YouTube video: Salmon Rain Moving Together First Exchange- Movement; Spoken in English. 

-PDF of Images- Salmon Rain Moving Together First Exchange- English text.

-YouTube Video- Robert Motum, “Scripted Borders: Exploring the Performance of (Micro)Nationhood”- English-spoken; Powerpoint in English text.

Partager Partitions Past / Partager les partitions du passé

-YouTube video- Catherine Quirk, “Embodying the Archive: Historical Performance and the Modern Actor”- Spoken in English; English transcript.

-YouTube Video- Jeanne Bovet, Partager la partition : la dramaturgie classique au croisement des voix-  Spoken in French; PowerPoint in French text.

-YouTube Video- Willow White, “Who’s Afraid of Aphra Behn?: Addressing Sexual Violence in The Rover”- Spoken in English; English text PowerPoint.

-YouTube Video- Anna Paliy, “Around the World in Twenty-Four Motions: Decoding Milča Mayerová’s Atopical Body in the Dance Book Abeceda“– Spoken in English; Powerpoint in English text; English transcript.

Partitions of Contemporary Writing / Partitions des écritures contemporaines

-Podcast- Philippe Manevy et Cyrielle Dodet, « Rêver le théâtre par le prisme de la partition ? »- Spoken in French;PDF provided in French text of podcast highlights.

-YouTube video- Andrea Ubal Rodríguez, « Théâtre biographique et le tissage d’une corpographie (partition) »- Spoken in French.

-Mamadou Bayala, « L’errance comme esthétique d’une écriture du chaos, contribution à l’analyse des écritures dramaturgiques africaines »- information coming soon. 

Performing Selves as Partition / Performances du soi par-delà la partition

-YouTube video: Between Two Worlds- Rohan Kulkarni- Spoken in English; English transcript.

-YouTube video: Giorelle Diokno- Dancing the Self into Being- Spoken in English; Video follow English word document of the paper; English transcript.

-PDF- Jimena Ortuzar, “Performing Demands: Wages for Housework Collectives in Canada”- English text. 

-YouTube video- Nonfictional Theatre and Lepage’s 887– Ryan Borochovitz- Spoken in English; Video of powerpoint with English text.

Risks of Engagement / Risques de l’engagement

-YouTube video: Risks of Engagement Panel: Eulogy of Place- Dani Shae Barkley- Spoken in English.

-YouTube video: Risks of Engagement Panel: Participatory Audiences- Juliana Saxton- Spoken in English.

-YouTube video: Risks of Engagement Panel: Politics of Representation- Yasmine Kandil- Spoken in English.

-YouTube video- Risks of Engagement Panel: Responses- Spoken in English

Théâtre et formation / Theatre & Training

-YouTube video: La création circassienne en contexte de formation, Marie-Eve Skelling Desmeules- Spoken in French.

-YouTube video- Théâtralisation de récits de vie écoféministes ½, Patricia-Anne Blanchet– Spoken in French; video of Powerpoint with French text.

-YouTube video- Théâtralisation de récits de vie écoféministes 2/2, Patricia-Anne Blanchet– Spoken in French; video of Powerpoint with French text.

-PDF- Katharina Stalder – Enseignement spécialisé du théâtre et Éducation artistique et culturelle : collaboration, plutôt que concurrence !- French text. 

Spectatorship / Plénière sur l’étude du spectateur

-YouTube video- Spectator Panel- spoken in English. 

Treaties & Togetherness / Traités tous ensemble

-YouTube video- Gabriel Levine and Shelby Shapiro, “From Talking Treaties to The Housing Show: Treaty-Making and Performances of Sharing and Division”- Spoken in English; video of Powerpoint with English text; English google document attachment.

-Vimeo video: HLCS Theatre- spoken Hul’q’umi’num’ and spoken English. 

-Podcast- Signy Lynch, “Queering Relationality: Radical Intersubjectivity in Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools”-Spoken in English; English transcript available.

-YouTube video: You’re Doing What? At Your Age?!– spoken in English.

-Podcast- You’re Doing What? At Your Age?! Leah Tidey Spoken in English; English transcript.


“Atypique?”: Conversations on Deaf and disability arts in Québec / « Atypique » ? Une conversation sur la pratique des artistes handicapés et sourds du Québec

-YouTube video- Session #1 ASL/English- Spoken in English; ASL interpretation; French and English transcript.

-YouTube video- Session #2 LSQ/Français- Spoken in French; LSQ interpretation; French and English transcript.

Partitions of Gender: Historicizing cross-gender casting in 21st century theatre education, a digital round table / Représentation des genres et pédagogie du théâtre au XXIe siècle : une table ronde virtuelle sur l’historisation du travestissement des genres sur scène

-YouTube Video: Partitions of Gender Roundtable- Spoken in English.

Race and Performance in the US-Canada borderlands

-YouTube video; English spoken video; English subtitles available in YouTube subtitles/closed captioning plug in (slightly delayed from the speed of the speaker). 

Theatre and Climate Change / Quand le théâtre lance un appel à l’action face aux changements climatiques

YouTube video: Theatre and Climate Change Crisis 4- Spoken in English.

-English transcripts and PDFs of discussion between participants.

Actor Training Beyond the Partition: Multilingual and Interdisciplinary Alternatives / Vers un décloisonnement de la formation du comédien : solutions multilingues et interdisciplinaires

-YouTube video: Actor Training Beyond the Partition – Roundtable- Spoken in English.

-Podcast: Audio of original YouTube video- Spoken in English. 

Video Could: Building an Online Video Archive of Canadian Performance / Possibilités vidéo : créer des archives audiovisuelles numériques du spectacle vivant au Canada

-Zoom link will be posted for Live Conversation at a later date. Live event happening on August 7th at 11.30 PT / 2.30 ET.

-PDF- Videocan- English text.


Articulations of Division and Unity: Re-evaluating Practices of Artistic Research / Ensemble et séparés : vers une réévaluation des pratiques de la recherche artistique

-PDF files of group dialogues available in English text.

Online Gathering to think about Gathering / Rencontre virtuelle portant sur Gatherings

-Live Zoom- registration needed. Session will be mostly in English, however, will be working with a Francophone representation to support French-speaking colleagues with any translation. Session will be recorded and shared on the Partition conference website. Closed captioning will be provided.  Please see seminar’s points on accessibility for further information. 

Minority Language Performance in Quebec and Canada / Séminaire portant sur les spectacles de langue minoritaire au Québec et au Canada

-more information coming soon.

Performing Feminism in Networked Spaces Online and Offline / Performance du féminisme dans les espaces en ligne et hors ligne

-more information coming soon.

Somatic Engagement Seminar 2.0 / Séminaire 2.0 sur l’engagement somatique

-YouTube video: (Cricri) Introduction: le séminaire sur l’engagement somatique 2.0 (version française)- Spoken in French; French transcript.

-YouTube video- (Cricri) Introduction to the Somatic Engagement Seminar 2.0 (English version)- Spoken in English; English transcript.

-YouTube video- (Ulla) Introduction to the Somatic Engagement Seminar 2.0 (English version)- Spoken in English; English transcript.

-Slide show- Portraits des participants/Participant Profiles- in French and English text (bilingual).

-Podcast- Somatic Engagement Seminar 2.0 – Task Prompt– Spoken in English.

-YouTube video: Zoom Calling Contact Improvisation- Movement based; no spoken language.

-PDF- Zoom Calling Contact Improvisation- English Text.

-YouTube video: Conrad Alexandrowicz, Eco-Atonement: Performing the Non-human- no spoken language. 

-PDF- Ramona Benveniste, a 5 o’clock event inspired by the propositions for a synchronous and asynchronous tree hugging moment- English text.

-Podcast- Twyla Towalenko, Weaving, Bridging and Language: Expanding the Reach and Access of Somatics- Spoken in English.

-Podcast- Maria Meindl, Somatics and Whiteness- Spoken in English; English transcript.

PDF- Group task workshopped by Majero Bowman, Ramona Benveniste, and Christine 

(cricri) Bellerose; Tasks letter-poetry by Ramona Benveniste; experimental video and sound clips with prompts by Christine (cricri) Bellerose- English text and other text invitations.

-YouTube video: AUNTY, DOG, GREETING NIECE AFTER A NIGHT’S SLEEP- Spoken in English and other species.

-YouTube video: HAND DANCING DEHUMIDIFIER- no spoken language.

-4 Tracks- no spoken language.

-Podcast- Virginie Magnat, Vocality as Somatic Engagement- Spoken in English; Lullaby sung in Occitan. 

-YouTube video- Thanks / Merci- Spoken in French and English. French and English transcript.

Working Groups

Age and Performance: Expanding Intersectionality / Au croisement de l’âge et de la performance

-Live Zoom call- spoken in English;  set for Wednesday 7/29 at 1pm EST. Go to working group description to know how to register.

Canadian Soundings: Plumbing the Depths of Voice in Canadian Theatre / Sondes vocales : à la découverte de la voix dans le théâtre canadien

-Live Zoom call; more to be announced.

Disability, Performance, and Pedagogies Working Group / Groupe de travail sur le spectacle, la pédagogie et les personnes en situation de handicap

-Wordpress website- contributions by Working group members; English text.

Moving Together to Reclaim and Resist : une exploration déambulatoire du territoire

-Podcast- Moving Together to Reclaim and Resist- Spoken English; English transcript. 

-YouTube video- Video “Listen” – Leah Decter- No spoken language.

-PDF- Contextualizing our reflections, VIRGINIE MAGNAT- English text.

-PDF- MELISSA POLL- English text.

-PDF-Kelsey Blair- English text.

-PDF- JULIE BURELLE- English text.

-PDF- ALANA GERECKE- English text.

-PDF- LEAH DECTER- English text

Scenography / Scénographie

-forum link; working group website; English text.


Come to One Mind: Consensus Making on Kanien’kehá:ka Territory / Esprit de corps : parvenir à un consensus sur le territoire Kanien’kehá:ka

-Live Zoom workshop; registration required. Spoken word. More information about language to come. 

Digital Criticism Pedagogies / Pédagogie numérique de la critique théâtrale

-more information to come.

Habitaciones : The Virtual Ec(h)o-partition of an Amazonian Phonography / Habitaciones : Éc(h)o-partition virtuelle d’une phonographie amazonienne

-YouTube video- Habitaciones : Éc(h)o-partition virtuelle d’une phonographie amazonienne- Spoken in French.

-Website- some French text.

Theatre Science: An Immersive Audio Experience / Science théâtrale: une expérience auditive immersive

-Website- English text; Sound experience; English script available on website.

Écrire l’œuvre au-delà du texte : études de cas / Writing Beyond the Text: Case Studies

-Presentation document- French text.

-YouTube video- Errances version intemporelle – Mélanie Binette- no spoken language. 

-Sound tracks- Spoken in French.

-PDF- Errances – Mélanie Binette- French text.

-Vimeo video- Traduire, transposer et à répondre à Shakespeare : Hamlet sur le fil (2016)- some spoken French.

Screen Reader and Audio visual description

Our screen reader plug in is available at the bottom left corner of your screen. This screen reader is only available for English text, and not French.  

Pre-recorded audio visual description is available for certain events in English, narrated by Kat Germain.

We have encouraged colleagues to give visual descriptions of themselves during pre-recorded and live sessions. We recognize this is not always consistent.

We want to thank Jessica Watkin, Blind dramaturg and consultant, for her work with us.

We invite you to look at this resource on created by Kat Germain, a professional audio describer, on promising practices around audio visual description in presentations:

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